Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pink Robot Geeky and Vintage Skirts!

I have decided to develop and refine Pink Robot as a brand, by launching my first proper product. I have always been a "butterfly crafter"- I blame Pinterest and wonderful publications like Mollie Makes!- so my plan is to start with one product and expand. 

One project I've really enjoyed is making cute little unusual skirts for my girls. I have never really chosen to dress them in traditional "baby pink" clothes, so I love the reaction they get from people. The skirts are nothing like the ones available on the High Street. It's great to know that nobody else will have the same one, making it special and unique. 

I have 2 ranges- one range crafted from modern fabrics (which are unusual and largely geeky!) and another range made from reclaimed vintage and retro fabrics. 
Records, from the original range
Here is a selection from the vintage & retro range
Amazing Return of the Jedi vintage Star Wars fabric
Roland Rat- a blast from the past! 
Who doesn't love Postman Pat?!
Beautiful, bright Care Bears fabric for all you 80s children!
Hollie Hobbie- cosy for winter
People have been asking if I will branch out to making other items along the same geeky/ vintage theme. The answer is yes- eventually. I want to establish Pink Robot through making customers happy with my skirts first, then I'll move on to include other products in my range.

Click here to visit Pink Robot on Facebook! 

There is a giveaway on the page at the moment, to win a skirt PLUS one for a friend. Enter now! Competition closes on Sunday 12th October. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

My First Craftivism Experience

Scotland feels alive at the moment. Tens of thousands of people are engaged in politics for the very first time, and people are individually becoming more socially responsible. In the last couple of months, I've found myself taking part in marches and rallies, signing petitions and spending spare time researching current issues. 

While looking online, I discovered a form of activism which appealed to me immensely... craftivism. Craftivism (craft + activism) is a term coined by Betsy Greer in 2003, and the movement of quietly protesting through craft is moving throughout the world. I loved the idea of being able to send a message to people in my local community, by other methods than shouting loudly. Inspired by Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective, in her book- A Little Book of Craftivism, I embarked upon my first craftivist challenge.
My first mini protest banner!
In the run-up to the Referendum, "Bairns Not Bombs" was a favourite message of mine, and a reason why I supported Scottish independence. It seemed crazy to me to spend a ridiculous sum of money on renewing Trident (which incidentally is situated around 30 miles from Glasgow... eek) instead of investing money in things such as childcare. 
A burst of colour in the bushes

Here is my little cheerful-looking banner, tied to local railings. I hope that my little act of craftivism will provoke thought and discussion in anyone who happens to stroll past and see it. There are so many possible craftivism projects, and I look forward to starting my next one.