Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Double buggy revamp

After Betsy's arrival, I decided fairly quickly that I definitely needed a double buggy. While I loved the idea of carrying my new bundle in a wrap while pushing my toddler in her single buggy, it become apparent that this solution would not be hugely successful on longer trips. Carrying my warm and toasty newborn in the beautiful weather we have enjoyed recently became a little uncomfortable after about an hour or so!

I did my research; I drive a tiny Yaris, so I needed something compact to fit in my boot. I looked at online forums and spoke to friends and family and even visited shops, to find the perfect model. Eventually, I decided that the Phil&Ted's Sport buggy was perfect... aside from the price tag of £500+! Luckily for me, a double buggy isn't something people tend to keep once they have outgrown the need for it, so they are widely available on the second-hand market. 

I found one on eBay for £100- a fraction of the price of buying new. At that price, however, there were a few cosmetic issues. The black and grey colour combination was also not one I'd have chosen- while functional and unisex, I prefer cheerful colours! 
"Before" picture- the drab buggy!
A little bit grubby!
The main issue was the lack of foam on the handle. Not only did it look awful (and make the whole buggy look as though it was ancient) but it would also be uncomfortable to push. I took to eBay, and found a seller who stocked replacement foam for less than a tenner- which was delivered the next day! Simply replacing the foam instantly made the buggy seem newer. 
Missing handle foam, revealing ugly scrapes
Betsy all cosy underneath the main seat,
and the new handle
There's a lot to be said for good old-fashioned elbow grease to make pre-loved items seem new. After a vacuum, a scrub and a spritz of Febreeze, it came up spotless.
Taking time to clean the wheels made a big difference!
Now for the colour injection! New seat pads and strap pads are a great way to update a second-hand buggy, making it look new and unique. These are available inexpensively  from loads of sellers online. I opted for a bright colour combination I love- lime green and pink. It's certainly unique, and I'm really pleased with my budget double buggy.

It also occurred to me that doing these simple things before selling your old buggy would add value to it! 
Cherry blossom pink and green
Heather insisting on pushing her little sister! 


  1. Like you I bought almost evrything my two needed secondhand and you've done a wonderful job on this super buy xx

  2. This is great! My double stroller is looking pretty rough and my hubby backed over the back wheels. Still, I think we can still fix it up! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Good luck fixing up your stroller! Check eBay for spare parts/ buggies beyond repair to take bits from! x