Saturday, 9 August 2014

My debut furniture upcycle!

Despite loving everything thrifty and creative, it has taken me this long to attempt upcycling furniture. After one rather successful (and may I say, easy!) project, I am hooked. 

Having now almost completed the transformation of my box room to craft room/ guest room (full post to follow!), I was looking for thrifty storage solutions. I found this little sewing storage box on Gumtree, looking worn, shabby and frankly a bit sorry for itself. However, at a bargainous £12, I saw its potential past the stains and scratches, and snapped it up to give it a new lease of life. 
Before makeover: old-fashioned and dated
The interior fabric and fixings were falling to bits
I unscrewed the lid, and removed all the old fabric from the top. The foam underneath was actually in very good condition, so I was able to reuse it. A few dabs of No More Nails sorted out the wobbly frame, and it was ready for its makeover. 
Hardly any tools required!
The craft room has a modern monochrome, grey, yellow and teal colour palette, so I revamped the box to tie in with this theme. I sanded down the frame, and painted it with a dark grey emulsion I had left over from a previous project. I painted the drawers a bold yellow to match the feature wall in the room and finished them with teal knobs, by mixing acrylic paints.
After the makeover!
I had bought a chevron cushion from an eBay seller, which had a faulty zip when it arrived. The seller replaced it, and told me I could keep the faulty one too. The fabric was perfect for the lid, as it now matches the cushion and the lampshade in the room. It was easy to re-upholster the lid using a wall stapler instead of tacks and a hammer. I uncovered a pretty floral scrap in my fabric basket, and used it to line the underside of the lid- disguising the staples and making it look beautiful! 
Chevron patterned lid
Pretty floral surprise underneath
I'm absolutely delighted with my little sewing storage box. Completely personal and a perfect fit for the room, at a measly £12- the upgrade didn't cost me a penny! 


  1. What a great transformation. Never would have guessed it was your first. Featuring you when my link party opens up tonight :)

  2. Ooh thanks, what a lovely comment! :-) Now I've finished one, I want to paint everything in sight!

  3. Looks great, enjoying noseying round your blog:) #thriftythursday