Friday, 7 March 2014

Adorning your walls!

It took me a while to pinpoint exactly what made houses I coveted so homely, quirky and personal. I have now realised that walls covered in photographs, memories, art and other interesting items really pull a home together- bare walls and mass-produced generic pictures just don't do it for me. 

You can learn a lot about someone's personality by looking at what they have on their walls. I love nothing more than seeing people's memories and life stories mapped out in their homes. I also think that taking a bit of time to decide how to present wall decorations as well as what to hang, makes a big difference. Inspired by this style of ornate frames in Next, I really want to cover my walls in a gallery of frames and decorations. 

A good way to ease into this style gently (as it does seem to take a lot of creativity, thought and skill to arrange them this way!) is to start with a ready-made frame like this one: it's £25 from this range in Next, which I actually think is good value for money considering you can fit 12 6x4 photos in it. 
Wall Gallery: (1) 16x20, (4) 5x7, (2) 11x14
Love the dresser too!
picture wall @ Adorable Decor : Beautiful Decorating Ideas!Adorable Decor : Beautiful Decorating Ideas!
I love how they have added other items to this wall too! 

I have collected lots of frames in different sizes, and I plan to create a gallery of pictures in our bedroom. My plan is to combine photographs and also other items such as our wedding invitation, to give a different look, like in the stair gallery picture on the left. There is a wealth of layouts on Pinterest to inspire me, and these are my favourites. I think I'll take ideas from all of them, mess about with the layout, and post a picture of my finished gallery wall... 
Stairs wall collage...need to find some smaller pictures a D and other little fun things to hang in there with our collage
Stair gallery... gorgeous! 
layout ideas for the hall gallery wall I want to do
A comprehensive list of layouts

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