Friday, 14 March 2014

Handmade woodland felt mobile

Presenting my handmade woodland felt baby mobile! I made this to tie in with my daughter's forest-themed bedroom. 

The woodland characters are made from felt, and the sticks for the top of the mobile makes it a little different and more rustic. I chose the red gingham ribbon to tie the mobile up with, as I thought it added to the country feel. 

Since the felt charms are so small, I didn't need to use much felt at all. I found the sticks in my local park (just smoothed off the ends) and the gingham ribbon was from my stash. All in all, I'd say this mobile probably cost less than £1 to make. 

I haven't decided where to hang this yet- perhaps in the window? For now, I tried to photograph it hanging on a hook on the wall... not the easiest, as the woodland creatures kept dancing around!
My woodland mobile... the hedgehog is hiding!
Another view, showing the twigs at the top

I thought I'd give you a close-up of all the different felt creatures and woodland objects. I think the cute little squirrel is my favourite!

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  1. Such a lovely idea. I hung a mobile over my children's changing table. It gave them something to look at and be distracted by at nappy changes. xx

  2. Thank you for your comment Sarah! Great idea, will bear that in mind for July when I have another teeny baby on the changing table. Following your blog on Bloglovin'... if you get a minute, could you please pop across and follow me back? Thank you!

  3. love love love this :) so adorable! pinning

  4. Gayle,
    What an adorable mobile! The critters are super cute, and I love the wooden sticks that the felt animals are dangling from. So cute!

  5. So cute. Pinned and following on some of your social media. Visiting from Sew Can Do Linkup

  6. Crotchet Hooks- thanks so much for pinning and glad you like it. It's not as polished as the ones in the shops... but I enjoyed making it, it cost next to nothing and I'd like to think my daughter will one day like the fact that I make her stuff.

    Aida, thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comment. The wooden sticks definitely add to the charm, don't they? I visited your blog too and followed on bloglovin- if you get the chance, please follow me back!

    Erlene, thank you very much for your comment and following my updates. Glad you like the mobile! x