Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pink Robot: my new Etsy shop

Introducing Pink Robot: my new Etsy shop! Click here to visit... 

In preparation for selling at craft fairs, I decided that the only sensible thing to do would be to promote my goods online too... and where else, but Etsy?!
3 wishes friendship bracelet adjustable beaded
So far, I've properly branded and packaged a few items, and listed them on Etsy. All Pink Robot items come packaged with a teeny cute signature robot charm, as you can see! 

"3 wishes" bracelets in various colours- make three wishes when tying this friendship bracelet on to a friend's wrist. You never know, they might come true! Adjustable, and you can buy these in loads of colours, with either silver or bronze beads, for only £2 each. 

Lace flower kilt pin- a hand-rolled lace flower with a blue bead, accented by pearl, blue/grey, white and clear glass beads. I think this would be really pretty as an alternative wedding accessory, but it would look equally cute on a coat or bag. This is on sale for £4.50. 
Lace flower kilt pin, beadedRussian Doll kilt pin, beaded, matryoshka
Russian Doll (matryoshka) kilt pin- back to my matryoshka obsession! I reclaimed these purple floral enamel beads from an old, unloved bracelet. They are now nestled beside a cheerful little Russian Doll charm, on sale for £4.50.

Paris kilt pin- I originally had the idea of using an Eiffel Tower charm in a piece of jewellery when I was designing garters for my friend's lingerie store- Dahlia's Boudoir Boutique, in Langside. Lots of people I know got engaged in Paris (myself included!) so I was inspired. The pearls, white and glass beads really complement the look of this pin. This kilt pin is yours for just £4.50!

Apple felt brooch by Pink RobotParis Eiffel Tower kilt pin, beadedApple felt brooch- Part of my woodland/ forest range. I modelled this felt brooch on the apple picture I made for my daughter's bedroom (you can read about this by clicking here.) I love the detail of the pips on the apple, and already this item has been favourited by a few people on both Etsy and Pinterest. I'm selling this for £4. 
Toadstool felt brooch by Pink Robot

Toadstool felt brooch- This cute felt toadstool is also part of my woodland/ forest range. I have a lot more brooches still to add to this, but I haven't packaged them up yet. I think toadstools are adorable in every form, so why not have one pinned to your clothes? Like the apple brooch, this one is £4. 

Come along and have a nosey in my Etsy shop... Pink Robot! I chose the name from the Flaming Lips song "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", in case you were wondering! 


  1. Well, that's a cute name and mental image! It definitely fits your products! I'm loving the felt brooches. They look very young and vibrant. Keep on letting those creative juices flow and I hope your shop prospers!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

  2. I love your signature charm! This is quite a unique strategy that will surely make you stand out among other online shops. And your brand name is simple yet easy to remember. That will also work for you in terms of brand name retention. Cheers!

    Masako Gun @ Champion Online Marketing

  3. Your robot charm is quite an awesome trademark! It will surely help in distinguishing you from the others, as well as your brand name. You did a good job making it short and simple, so that your customers can easily recall it. Cheers!

    Tommy Crowe @ Next Up Network