Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Cherry blossoms- my favourite UK Etsy items

When buying gifts, my first choice is always to try and make something myself. However, this is not always possible- my repertoire doesn't extend that far, and I still have some people in my life who would not fully appreciate something I made myself. 

I do try to support small, independent businesses as much as possible, so the next best thing in my opinion when buying a gift is Etsy! This way, you know you are steering clear of inadvertently buying something which has been made in a sweatshop, you can pick up some amazing things for great prices, and the gift is unique... all while supporting a fellow creative soul... win-win for everyone! 

At this time of year, cherry blossom trees are one of my favourite things. They really signal that the warmer weather is coming, and they are really beautiful. I'm inspired by a lot of Japanese patterns and designs, so I'm attracted to them for that reason too.  

Here is my pick of the cherry blossom items I've been drooling over, all by UK crafters!
Wooden door knob made - Cherry Blossom - 45 mm - for drawers, wardrobes, bedside & kitchen cabinets
Wooden doorknobs, by Witch Corner, £5 each
These wooden doorknobs by Witch Corner are so cute- I bet they could totally transform an old chest of drawers as part of an upcycling project. Must try some day...!

Felted clutch bag, by Oliven, £18
This is a totally unusual clutch bag, felted from Merino wool. When you open the bag, there is "a simple flower to cheer you up"! How cute is that?!
Japanese cherry blossom and stork / crane cuff bracelet
Blossom and Crane handmade cuff, madebydaisy, £20
The Japanese crane on the other side

This cuff bracelet is a prime example of how my own crafting skills do not stretch far enough! It is hand hammered, and I absolutely love the blossoms combined with the Japanese crane designs. 
Sakura - Floral Cherry Blossom bead Charm Necklace Pendant
Sakura charm necklace, by Chilli Lime Boutique, £8
Simple and sweet, this necklace is a winner for me. At £8, I think it's a total bargain as well- you wouldn't find such a pretty piece at that price on the high street, especially handmade! 

Ceramic dish ring holder soap dish pink cherry blossom Sakura Spring Wedding
Ceramic ring holder, by Damson Tree Pottery, £13
This ring holder dish has been handmade by Damson Tree Pottery, by pressing a cherry twig into clay, firing, then painting and glazing. It's absolutely stunning, and would look fabulous in my bedroom! 
Vintage retro wallpaper cherry blossom phone case iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s Samsung s2, s3, s3 mini, s4, note 2, Blackberry z10, HTC One, Nexus 4
Vintage retro wallpaper phone cover, by Afraid of the Dark, £6.49
I never considered Etsy for buying a phone cover before, and always tutted at how much they cost. Considering how much I drop my phone, a good cover is essential. The "big phone shops" tend to sell these fancy designs for around £25, so at £6.49 this is a real find. Afraid of the Dark do custom designs as well, but I'm in love with this Japanese sakura one. 


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my wooden door knobs in your lovely blog!

  2. No problem, Andrea! They are adorable. I think I need to get hunting for an old dresser or chest of drawers to upcycle now...

  3. So glad you stopped by, it's a pleasure visiting your lovely blog! I'm loving those beautiful door knobs, what a gorgeous statement piece those would make! So glad you shared with us.

  4. Hi Patti, thanks for visiting and your lovely comments. I'm following your blog as well, it's gorgeous! x