Saturday, 22 February 2014

Giving handmade gifts

Handmade gifts... a yes or a no? 

I love handmade gifts! I think it's one of the nicest ways to show friends and family that you care about them. In my opinion, anyone can go out and buy a present in 5 minutes flat. To actually take the time to make something by hand, and make it personal... that's what makes a gift really special. 

I appreciate that not everyone feels this way- there are some friends and family who I know would not appreciate this gesture. For some people, the act of gift-giving is about the monetary value attached- perhaps gifting someone an item they could not afford to buy for themselves. Some people would rather be given the option of returning a gift to buy something they really want. And some people just consider handmade gifts cheap. 

But I disagree! 

I make my own gifts whenever possible, and I add extra personalisation by the way I wrap them up. Adding a cute little tag like this Russian Doll one adds a cosy "handmade" feel to any gift. 

The heart picture you see on the right was a gift for my friend when she bought a new house. I chose a colour scheme which matched her new décor, and from an old, ripped book, I looked for words I felt were relevant to her and her new home. I finished the piece in a rustic old gilded frame. She loved the originality and uniqueness of it! These pictures are a great idea to give as wedding gifts (choose personal words) or simply as a gift for someone you know well.

I will certainly re-visit this topic a lot in the future of my blog, whenever I make and give new gifts I'm especially proud of. 


  1. I quite agree with you. Loving your stunning blog and your daughter's room is simply gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Josie, and thanks for visiting! I'm just getting started, but I love blogging so far. Your blogs are lovely, the tutorials on Sew for Soul are too cute! Once I figure out how follow blogs, I will certainly follow yours!