Friday, 28 February 2014

Today's baby bargains!

I just wanted to share a couple of real bargains that I got today! 

Having hauled down my "brand new baby" items from the loft, we discovered that the Moses basket we used for Heather had seen better days. I was given it second-hand by my sister-in-law, mind you, so it has definitely had a lot of use! I'm feeling a bit sorry for Pickle (our pet name for the new baby!), because he or she will hardly have anything of its own, and will basically wear, play with and be pushed around in Heather's hand-me-downs. 

So, I got on the hunt for a lovely new Moses basket for Pickle. I came across this beauty on eBay, and snapped it up for a bargainous £31, in new condition complete with rocking stand! If I were to buy this set brand-new from Mothercare, I would be picking up a bill for £125... a saving of £94! 

I also visited Merry-Go-Round, and kitted Heather out in swimming gear for our upcoming holiday. I got 2 swimsuits, 2 sun hats, an adorable long sleeved costume and a hooded sun towel... all for a grand total of £16!!!

I can't believe I haven't always embraced buying second-hand. It's totally win-win... the seller gets extra money and more space in their house, re-using creates less waste and environmental pollution, you save money and still get to own beautiful items! 


  1. I love second-hand, i rarely buy new stuff for my home now and eBay is my first port of call when I'm looking for a piece of furniture. Just discovered your blog, will be following you now.

  2. Thanks for your comment Gill! I will check out your blog too. Have a lovely day.